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1. Understanding Tenant Rights Policies are changing at a rapid pace to keep up with the crisis. One thing the government doesn’t want is a repeat of the housing collapse. Almost immediately at the outset of the crisis there has been a push to freeze mortgage and rent payments. If your tenant is having trouble […]

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As financially damaging as the mortgage collapse of 2009 was, it wasn’t nearly as widespread as what we are currently facing. There are many people in various sectors who are currently not earning a paycheck or generating income. Savings have been exhausted and paying everyday bills has become more difficult. Fortunately, the government has thrown […]

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Even with the backdrop of a pandemic extremely present, the Real Estate world does not stop. There are many sellers who were waiting for the spring market to list their home and find a buyer. On the surface it would seem that these plans have taken a hit, but in reality they just need a […]

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Alma and her team at Flow Creative Property Solutions are true professionals. They not only know the business inside and out, but they are truly dedicated to helping those that they work with. I highly recommend their services!
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